Foundation is for creators, curators and tastemakers.

We’re using the power of the internet and crypto to bring totally new revenue streams and forms of ownership to art, design, and any creative output.

We’re bringing crypto out of the shadows.

For most people, crypto markets feel totally inaccessible. You have to know what you’re doing to be involved. Our team has years of experience working in crypto, and it’s clear to us that, if presented in the right way, this technology can be transformative for everyone.

We’re using it to connect the power of markets to culture and creativity in the physical world.

The existing ecosystem of creators, curators, and tastemakers is uniquely positioned to benefit from crypto markets. These markets unlock secondary revenue streams, allowing creators to benefit from people trading in the hype surrounding their work for the first time. And with tokenization, curators and tastemakers experience a totally new level of connection to the creators they love as they share in their financial success.

We’re part of that world.

The opportunity is massive, but that’s not the only reason we’re doing this. We’re artists and designers and brand owners ourselves. The creative community is our community. And we believe in strengthening the system of financial rewards and ownership for people who take part in that.

We’re hiring.

We’re an ambitious team of designers and engineers. Join us and help us bring Foundation to life.

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