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Foundation turns creative work into crypto.

Enter a world that redefines how pieces of art are bought and sold—and what it means to own them.
At our core, we’re a platform for buying and selling limited-edition goods at prices that match demand. We’re also a crypto-powered marketplace, which means we’re not taking the same old approach. Our technology unlocks new revenue streams for creators, and offers financial incentives to buyers, too.

Art → Crypto


When an artist drops a limited-edition series on Foundation, each piece is represented by a digital token. As more collectors buy each piece, the corresponding token rises in value.

Buy low sell high


As a piece’s value fluctuates, buyers can cash in by selling tokens back to the market. Artists earn a cut each time their tokens are bought and sold, allowing them to capitalize on the hype they create.

Crypto → Art


When a creator is ready to ship their work, buyers can redeem whole tokens for the physical good. If you want to skip crypto, you can always use your card to buy the physical good.

Why it matters.

Taking a 360-degree approach to generating value around art is the future. We’re building a platform that will unlock the potential of blockchain technologies to transform our creative economies, for everyone’s benefit. Our vision is to get artists paid, and offer incentives to the people who support their work.

The opportunity to develop a cultural-crypto marketplace is massive, but that’s not the only reason we’re doing this. The creative community is our community, and we believe in strengthening the system of financial rewards and ownership for everyone who participates in creative culture.

Who we are.

We’re an ambitious team that’s committed to building a transformational product. Collectively, we’ve spent over a decade exploring the possibilities of crypto, but we’re also creators and artists in our own right.

Kayvon Tehranian
Kayvon Tehranian
Matthew Vernon
Matthew Vernon
Head of Design
Elpizo Choi
Elpizo Choi
Head of Engineering
Lindsay Howard
Lindsay Howard
Head of Community
Lawrence Gosset
Lawrence Gosset
Interface Engineer
Paul Cowgill
Paul Cowgill
Senior Software Engineer

Open Roles

Senior Interface Engineer

Senior Protocol Engineer

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