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NEW VALUES for a new creative economy

Announcing an open call for creators to experiment with crypto and play with the concept of value.
Published 3 August 2020

An artist’s crypto primer

The cultural-crypto space is full of potential. But first, there are a few key concepts to learn.
Published 29 July 2020

Addie Wagenknecht on using crypto to hack the art world.

Addie is dropping a series of drone paintings with Foundation.
Published 20 July 2020

How to buy and trade on Foundation.

Whether you're a crypto newbie or a seasoned day-trader, this guide will walk you through the basics of getting in on limited-edition drops as a collector.
Published 14 July 2020

Signe Pierce thinks it’s time to take a 360-degree approach to generating value around art.

Her limited-edition collection is live with Foundation.
Published 25 June 2020

Dai is culture’s currency.

What is Dai? And why are we using it to transform creator markets?
Published 11 June 2020

We are empowering creators to build their own markets on Ethereum.

A Foundation Markets technical primer.
Published 9 June 2020

This is Foundation.

Today, we're announcing Foundation — an entirely new medium for buying, selling, and trading limited-edition goods.
Published 27 May 2020
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