Foundation is for culture fiends. People who curate everything. People who always know first. Enter a world that redefines how limited-edition goods are bought and sold—and what it means to own them.

Beyond the drop.

With Foundation, limited-edition drops are more than just moments in time. They’re whole worlds—dynamic markets that spike and dip and live on way after a release date. Get swept up.

In it together.

When you support creators with early pre-orders, you’re in it with them. And when the market for their t-shirt or installation or design blows up, you’ll make money for being there first. Connect with the creators that inspire you in a fundamentally deeper way.

That new new.

Foundation is changing what it means to participate in culture—and to own a piece of it. This is the beginning of a fundamental shift. Get in early and help define that shift alongside your favorite artists, designers, and brands.

How it works|/|


Stay close to your favorite artists, designers, and brands. When they drop a limited-edition run of a t-shirt or sneaker or print on Foundation, you’ll be there to get in early.


When the drop happens, move fast and pre-order to secure the piece. On Foundation, your pre-order is represented by a unique token.


Once you own a token, you can redeem it for the physical piece, and the creator will ship it to you and collect revenue for the sale. When you redeem, your token is taken off the market for good, lowering overall supply. Or you can hold off...


By dropping limited-edition goods with tokens on Foundation, creators unlock a dynamic market. So, the more demand for the piece, the more the token will be worth. If you get in early and demand for a drop goes nuts, you can turn your foresight into earnings—alongside revenue for the creator—by selling your token back into the market.


As you get in on more drops, you’ll start building out a collection of what you own on Foundation, including what you’ve redeemed and any tokens you’re holding onto. Clothing, art, home goods, etc. This is your public profile.

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