Foundation is for experimental creators. The artists, designers, and brands who want to build the future of culture on the internet. Drop your limited-edition goods on Foundation with your own dynamic market.

Full market potential.

Don’t guess at pricing for your work. With Foundation, unlock a dynamic market that will determine the true value of whatever you’re selling.

Earnings from the hype.

With Foundation, you can access a whole new way of making money beyond actual sales. Capitalize on demand for your work with earnings from secondary markets that you couldn’t access until now.

Deeper connection.

When people buy into your market, there’s a whole different vibe between you and your following. Activate and engage them more deeply on Foundation by giving people a new way to own and experience your work.

How it works|/|


Do what you do. Make your art. Decide what you want to drop and upload an image, description, and pricing information to Foundation. Create a set of tokens that each represent one piece in your limited run. If you have 100 editions of a screen print, you’ll create 100 tokens.


Get your audience excited for your upcoming drop by hyping it on other channels. A great launch is about more than the piece itself. There’s gotta be a good story.


Release your tokens on Foundation. People can purchase these tokens and redeem them directly for your pieces. Or, they can buy and sell them on Foundation’s open market, like stocks in a traditional exchange. As demand rises, so will the price of your pieces and the tokens that represent them.


Now that trading is live, keep shaping the story to increase demand using whatever medium works for communicating with your following—social, influencers, something we haven’t thought of. Diehards will get in early and get a great price. How can you bring in the next wave?


Make actual sales when people redeem tokens for your pieces at the price dictated by demand. But more than that—collect fees every time your tokens are bought and sold in the market. This is an entirely new revenue stream from a secondary market you couldn’t access until now.

What about you?

Interested in selling your work with Foundation? Right now, creator drops are invite-only. Tell us who you are and what you make to start the conversation.

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